Child’s View: Historic Deerfield

Guest Author: SerahRose Roth

Historic DeerfieldHerein lies the very first post of…going to museums with children!  Our test subject is the grand-daughter of Sharon & Rich.  She and I spent the afternoon at Historic Deerfield.

Like the best historic villages, it’s a lovely place to walk.  But what felt unique was the mixing of old and new.  Many of the historic houses along the block are still privately owned and occupied.  So, without a sign indicating it’s a museum stop, you should assume you’re peeking into someone’s current living room!  The map they gave us was very clear (along with the signage), though, so don’t worry about opening someone’s door accidentally.

Child at Historic Deerfield

Dress Up time

I was a little worried about how much walking might be involved.  But I also like visiting museums that offer outside venues when I’m traveling with my daughter.  There’s only so much time a little person can spend admiring art, they need to do and be active as well.  Historic Deerfield was a good mix of the two with just enough walking to have fun and burn off steam before we went back inside.  Although we did spend most of our time in homes that we knew would offer more hands-on opportunities for us.

There were also some nice surprises, like this barn off to the side with frolicking kids.  In front, stood the remains of a very old cellar, really just a hole in the ground.  And an easy-to-understand plaque explaining that this footprint, although visible, is far less permanent than the building footprints we leave now.  Something I hadn’t thought about it terms of historic building practices.  In warmer weather, there’s a walking path that runs alongside and beyond the farm.

With only two hours to explore (plenty for my 5 year old!) we didn’t come close to seeing it all.  I was tempted to get a membership so we could go back any time, actually.  It’s that kind of place.  Here are a few more ‘hands-on’ images to whet your whistle:

Hands-On Fun at Historic Deerfield

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