Savannah, GA – here we are

Spending these 2 weeks in Savannah, GA – home of the Telfair Museums as well as a dozen historical homes of late colonial civil war period — it is also home to SCAD – Savannah College of Art and Design. More coming in individual site entries all tagged Savannah-ga

A few additional places we found esp there are many mid-18th century houses, esp some that survived the Civil War because of some very clever locals.

Each (of 22) square has a small park in the middle and up to 6 mansions around it, about 15 can be toured,
And you can get multiple tickets for some, these are the ones we liked most:
— Telfair Museum, Jepson Center, Owens-Thomas
—  Andrew Low, Juliette Gordan Low, Isaiah, Davenport Hours
—  Very interesting (not together): Green-Meridrim (which is actually part of one of the churches) and Harper Kowlkes House
— A bit odd:
— if you like cemeteries: Colonial (and if you have a car) Bonaventure
If you can find the ‘Savannah Walking Tour and Guidebook – $5.95 and lots of places have it,
very good w/ stories of all the squares and houses around them

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